Thursday, February 26, 2009

Hello everyone.

Welcome to the first entry of the official blog of Cvrst!

If this is your first time hearing about us, please check out our myspace for tracks, bio, show info etc. You can also follow @cvrst_drums, @lockvox, @ts9017, or @meoartadi on twitter.

We're a prog metal/rock band located in Los Angeles.

Right now we're working on some new material and we'll be recording in our home studio starting this week. This is a very exciting process for us and our hope is that it will be for you too. We'll be posting updates to this blog with footage of us rehearsing and writing as well as pics and lyrics. Our goal is to let you see what goes on behind the scenes when a band works and lives together, eating, sleeping, and breathing our craft. It's like reality tv, only better. Because it's not tv. And it's actually real. Which, you know, is always preferable.


Check back soon! Tell your friends and/or enemies!

Cheers and salutations,

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