Wednesday, March 18, 2009

Greetings from Coronado

It is true I am on vacation in the beautiful San Diego area. I am currently spending my time on the North Island Navy Base. It's nice...

Private Beach...Clean...Quiet
Although the Internet is ungodly slow...

I went to SeaWorld...interesting place

I got to see manatees (natures gift to water craft). One day i would like to have a pond full of them, but I would have them trained to do things and get the mail or play lounge music in the foyer. Speaking of manatees I bought a bunch of shit from the manatee gift shop...

You know what that means????!?!?!

I will be giving away one of the manatee items that I purchased. I don't really know which item I would like to part with, so that may be announced at a later date, but I will be giving something away.

So as I am sure you are now wondering...

How do I win?

Am I deserving of such a prize?

What is with the borderline creepy manatee obsession?
What the fuck is up with this blogs formatting?!?!(me too..blame blogger)
Well...really it is simple.
All you need to do is one of the following:
  • Write a short 500 word essay on what it means to you to be a proponent for manatee conservation
  • Create a work of art with a manatee within it
  • Get me drunk enough to declare you the winner for whatever reason
Pretty Simple
There is no purchase necessary to win but it is encouraged.
I have to go back to the beach now...
I will be returning to LA sometime tomorrow...I have Friday off...
A good chance for any and all to win.

Tuesday, March 17, 2009

Happy St. Patty's!

Everybody's Irish today, dammit, so drink up. I for one plan on diving in to a case of Guiness and seeing how many beers it takes before I can no longer keep a beat. After that I'm gonna do whaat everyone should do on St. Patty's day and watch the Boondock Saints with people I care about. Whatever you do be sure to have a toast to a fine fellow named Mike (a.k.a. Seven), and everyone like him who is so bravely serving in the name of the United States of America. Here's to you buddy. Hope we get to celebrate with you next year.


Monday, March 16, 2009

Where's Taylor??

So apparently Taylor's parents drove all the way out here to Los Angeles from Iowa to see him, and they've kidnapped him. He's in San Diego for a week enjoying the sunshine and sandy beaches and the occasional (maybe frequent is a better term) bar or three.

The rest of us will still be practicing hard this week and continuing to work on new material.

For new vids and music, you may have to wait until we get Mr Taylor back. :-( Rest assured, we have some more new stuff in the wings that's getting close to being as ready as Infinite Justice. Sam has some lyrics for that one too, but I doubt he'll want to let anybody know what those are until he has a chance to track them.

That's all for now. Hit up Taylor on twitter (@ts9017) and tell him he's a dick for going on vacation without us.

I hope you all give your Monday a kick in the pants and I'll see you back here soon when we have more for you.

Also I took this the other day. It's where I usually find Sam when he's not answering his phone.


Friday, March 13, 2009

Infinite Justice

Hello avid readers, devoted followers, and casual passersby. We are very proud to announce the debut of a new song. We've been working hard on this song for several weeks, and are currently in the process of recording it.

More coming soon!

For now, enjoy...


Tuesday, March 10, 2009

A few things...


It's been some time since many of you have heard anything new from us. I want you to know that we haven't stood idle during this time, we have been busy...

I think it would be fair to say that we have all matured as musicians, performers, and at least in some form, as people. I am proud to say the new material reflects this.

Some people say seeing is believing, hopefully this will be enough to tide you guys over until we finish recording.

Taylor Close up

Sam's Effects

For more pictures Follow us on Flickr ,


Monday, March 9, 2009

Sam and Taylor showing GC what for.

Like kids in a candy shop, but louder.

Taken from my iPhone.


Thursday, February 26, 2009

Hello everyone.

Welcome to the first entry of the official blog of Cvrst!

If this is your first time hearing about us, please check out our myspace for tracks, bio, show info etc. You can also follow @cvrst_drums, @lockvox, @ts9017, or @meoartadi on twitter.

We're a prog metal/rock band located in Los Angeles.

Right now we're working on some new material and we'll be recording in our home studio starting this week. This is a very exciting process for us and our hope is that it will be for you too. We'll be posting updates to this blog with footage of us rehearsing and writing as well as pics and lyrics. Our goal is to let you see what goes on behind the scenes when a band works and lives together, eating, sleeping, and breathing our craft. It's like reality tv, only better. Because it's not tv. And it's actually real. Which, you know, is always preferable.


Check back soon! Tell your friends and/or enemies!

Cheers and salutations,