Monday, March 16, 2009

Where's Taylor??

So apparently Taylor's parents drove all the way out here to Los Angeles from Iowa to see him, and they've kidnapped him. He's in San Diego for a week enjoying the sunshine and sandy beaches and the occasional (maybe frequent is a better term) bar or three.

The rest of us will still be practicing hard this week and continuing to work on new material.

For new vids and music, you may have to wait until we get Mr Taylor back. :-( Rest assured, we have some more new stuff in the wings that's getting close to being as ready as Infinite Justice. Sam has some lyrics for that one too, but I doubt he'll want to let anybody know what those are until he has a chance to track them.

That's all for now. Hit up Taylor on twitter (@ts9017) and tell him he's a dick for going on vacation without us.

I hope you all give your Monday a kick in the pants and I'll see you back here soon when we have more for you.

Also I took this the other day. It's where I usually find Sam when he's not answering his phone.


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